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Thread: Incl. coupler plugs "universal"
With 1L bottle

Technical specifications
Water pressure 2,5 - 6,0 bar (for maximum accuracy 3 - 4 bar)
Output 5,5 l/min
Connection incl. coupler plugs "universal"

Mixing Ratio
Multi-ratio dial has 5 mixing settings and off

Designed for applications with acidic and caustic cleaner, soaps, disinfectants, degreasing and softening agents. The field of application is very versatile.

Food industry and canteen kitchen
Sanitary facilities and swimming baths
Cleaning of trucks, cars and other vehicles
Garages and petrol stations
Shops and workshops

The foam gun directly connected to the public water pipe produces a cleaning foam by means of foam injector. The water pressure sucks in the cleaning agent and air, both are being mixed to consistent foam, sprayed out via the spraying head and the foam wand. The cleaning agent can also purposely and automatically be diluted via a built-in proportioner so that the right mixture of chemical and water as foam can be chosen for the cleaning application.

Exceptional chemical resistance to acidic and caustic cleaner
Foam generating wand creates a thick clinging foam
Automatic dosing of chemicals
Durable polymer mixing head with stainless steel screws
Multi-ratio dial has 5 mixing settings and off
Gun is removable from quick coupling for clear rinsing with water
Easy filling by means of wide mouth
Only works with water pipe pressure
Suitable for all customary water couplings
Chemical container volume 1000 ml

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