PowerHot-Box 500BAR

PowerHot-Box 500BAR
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PowerHot-Box connects at the outlet of a high pressure cleaner - maximum 500 bar pressure. It is built in metallic chassis with anticorrosion treatment and stainless steel cover. For use with feed water with maximum flow at 18 or 25lpm.



· Vertical boiler with cooling forced air according to EU regulations for the atmospheric pollution

· Burner with mechanical system to pulverize the diesel oil according to EU regulations concerning energetic consumption

· Pressure of pulverization at 11 bar. Continuous service, with instantaneous stop of the diesel oil via electromagnetic valve

· Independent electric motor for the burner

· Main electric motor with elastic coupling driving the turbine and diesel pump

· Pump suitable to work with diesel oil or kerosene

· Restoration after the lack of diesel oil is automatic, no need for manual cleaning

· Flame control via photocell

· Asbestos free product

· Plastic fuel tank 30 ltr

· IP65 electric panel, with on/off switch,  0-150 degrees Celsius thermostat, electronic board for the operation of the photocell and power on indicator

· Auxiliary electric circuit at 24V

· Double passage of the fumes fixed on a refractory bottom

· Index opacity of the combustion gases not exceeding 1.5 degrees of Bacharach scale

· Boiler coil from special steel

· Plastic fuel tank 30 ltr


Other voltages available upon request

Max pressure(Bar) 500
Water outlet temp ( max C ) 76
Power rating 150W
Fuel consumption (Kg/h) 6.08
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