KamJet 3500 Mobile High-Pressure Unit

KamJet 3500 Mobile High-Pressure Unit
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KamJet 3500 Mobile High-Pressure Unit 


Τhe KamJet is our solution for trouble free extreme high-pressure jetting on a mobile platform. The trailer mounted high-pressure unit is driven by a 175 kW Volvo diesel engine and produces pressures of up to 3,000 bar for a period of as long as eight hours on full tank fuel.

The mobile high-pressure unit KamJet with modern control unit optionally suitable to drive the Gekko system
Only high-end parts used – Our KamJet is a complete solution and comes mounted on a two-axle trailer, allowed to go as fast as 100 km/h. All parts and pipelines on our units are made from rust free materials. Most importantly of all, it is equipped with a state-of-the-art control system with a touch screen or remote control, fully automatically controlling the output pressure and rpm. It enables easy operation by the user and therefore uninterrupted operation.

The KamJet can also be used with two consumers. The dual-operation control ensures that each individual consumer can work independently without being influenced by the other consumer. The control cabinet is equipped with all necessary sensors and is set up for automatic pressure control or speed control. There are many accessories available to work with the KamJet: various water tools such as the surface cleaner KAMAT Gekko 350.

Water Blasters
Max pressure(Bar) 2985
Max flow(lpm) 32
Required power 175 kw
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