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Sewer cleaning hose with mini-nozzle

Heat exchangers in thermal power stations or conveyor pipes in the food industry are often sewers of 10 to 12 mm in diameter. In order to clean them effectively from the inside a device for sewer cleaning with small diameters and high pressures is required. We have also in this case the best possible solution for you! "small" as desired and "powerful" with great performance. We are talking about the new mini-device for sewer cleaning. Being only 9 mm in diameter the nozzle withstands the working pressure of up to 500 bar. Completely sensational or what do you think? The nozzle for sewer cleaning is made out of stainless steel and equipped with three jet outlets to the back and one forward. The mini-nozzle for sewer cleaning is supplied with a black plastic hose with a nominal diameter of 2 and assembled with 1/8" M. The device is so suitable for all common high pressure cleaner.


350 - 500 bar / 60 °C / 20.0 m

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